Singles League Rules

FHTC  Singles League Rules


  1. It is your responsibility to get in touch with your opponents in order to find a time convenient for the both of you, in which to play your match.  Email is the most preferred way to contact a player in your division. The singles league regular season will end sometime in September, with playoffs starting shortly after.
  2. A coin flip, flip of the racquet  or a voluntary consensus between players will decide who serves first for each match.

3. Match Length

All matches are to be played using regular standard tennis rules, except that instead of playing a best of 3 sets (to keep game times reasonable), games will be decided on a “FIRST to  win SEVEN games” (NOT BEST OF SEVEN!!) basis, with deuces. If the score is 6-6, then play a regular style tie breaker to determine the winner (1-2-2-2, etc).

4. Points System / Scoring
The first person to win 7 games will receive 7 points, plus a bonus 2 points for winning the match, minus 0.5 for each game his opponent wins, which the opponent will get. (i.e., if you win 7-4, you get 5 points (7 – (4 x 0.5), plus the bonus 2 equals 7, and your opponent gets the other 2 points). Thus, it is in your best interest to get to 7 games and limit your opponent to as few games as possible.   The winner gets a good amount of points for winning, and the losing player as well gets some points if they win a game or games.

5. As well only each players top 15 scores played for the season will count towards his total points in the standings.  A player can play as many matches as he likes, but only his top 15 scores will count for his points total.    Also for scoring purposes only the first league match played versus a certain person counts in the standings in each division, you can also play exhibition matches, but only one head to head score counts per division.

6. If a player is unable to finish a match for any reason, then there is 2 options.  

  1.  The non defaulting player at the time can decide to take the win, and his score automatically gets pushed up to 7 games and the defaulting player gets the score he has at the time of forfeit
  2.  Only If the non defaulting player agrees, both players can agree to continue and finish the match at another day and time, you must continue the match with the score you had.


  1. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE WINNER OF THE MATCH TO EMAIL  THE SCORE TO fhtcleague@hotmail.comWITHIN 5 DAYS OF PLAYING THE MATCH. ALSO INCLUDE THE DATE THE MATCH WAS PLAYED, YOU MUST COPY YOUR OPPONENT IN THE EMAIL AS WELL. SCORES EMAILED AFTER 5 DAYS OF PLAYING MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED. After your matches, please email me your results so I can update the website. If your opponent does not show up for a scheduled match, you can reschedule, or the player who showed up has the first option to take the win and will be awarded the 9 points on default.
  2. Playoffs seeding
    Ordering for tiebreakers are as follows:
    1. Winner of head to head matchup
    2. If players have never played then the player who has the best winning percentage from all his top 15 matches played.
    3. If never played and same percentage then a coin toss will decide the positioning.

For each division the playoff format will be as follows with the conclusion of the regular season. Top 4 seeds in total points for each division make the playoffs automatically regardless of points accumulated.    In each group if the 5th seed has a minimum of 30 points, then the top 6 will make the playoffs.   Also in each group if the 7th seed has a minimum of 30 points then the top 8 seeds will make the playoffs.  

  1.   Top 4 standard semi final.   1 vs 4 and 2 plays 3
  2.  If its top 6 then 1 and 2 seed will have a bye to the semi finals.        
  3.  If its top 8 then 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 in the first round.  

9. The last day of the regular season and playoff schedule dates will be set up well in advance.  There is some flexibility of a few days with the playoff matches if  time allows.  

  1. Any matters that comes up the league commissioner will have final decision.  

Club Rules
Remember that we have regular membership privileges at the Forest Hill Tennis Club. You may get bumped off the court before your match is completed.  The supervisor will try to let you play on but on busy nights/times you may be asked to stop playing until the next court becomes available.  Again, this is rare but it has happened and can happen.