Doubles League Rules

FHTC Doubles Tournament Rules

  1. The Draw:

Players signed up as teams or as individuals.  Players who signed up individually were randomly paired up with another individual, names were pulled out of a hat.   As well the positioning of where each team is on the draw was random with teams picked out of a hat and numbered and then placed in the draw in that order from top to bottom.

 It’s a double elimination tournament, you can still win the championship if you lose your first match, but once you will lose 2 matches you are out.

  1. Scheduling

For each draw there is a timeframe and schedule for you to complete your games. It is your responsibility to get in touch with your opponents to set up a day and time for your match.   Please contact your opponents as soon as you know who you are playing to set up your match.  By signing up to the tournament you made the commitment to play about 1 match per month, and a minimum of 2 matches.    Each match has a time window for it to be completed.  This window is approximately 25 days in length, For example from June 1st to June 25th, during this time each team should contact each other to set up a good time for their match.  If after 25 days the match has not been played, then the tournament coordinator will contact each team to try and set up a date for the match.  Both teams will be given an additional usually 8 day window to get their match in.   During this 8 day window the tournament coordinator will set a day and time for their match based on response from the 2 teams.   If both teams show no effort in trying to get their match in, then both will forfeit. (Read double forfeit rules below)  If one team is able to set up a date or dates for a match and the other team can not play at all, then the team that can not play will forfeit and the other team will advance.  There are some exceptions with the time windows, and the tournament director will let you know if your match has to be completed by an earlier time based on the draw, and will let you know if you have a shorter time window.   The tournament director will be flexible but has the final say regarding any scheduling conflicts or forfeit situations that arise.

In the event of a double forfeit where both teams are not putting an effort in to get the match in.

1st round:   Coin Toss to determine who is winner and who is loser 

Losers bracket, 2nd round and beyond:  Both teams are recorded as a loser and both teams are eliminated from the tournament as neither team advances forward, regardless if its your 1st or 2ndloss. 

 Here is a general rough breakdown of how the draws will work in terms of dates.    (It can vary)

1st round   June

2nd round   July

Semi finals August

Finals September


  1. Tournament set up.

Each draw has its own set up based on the amount of teams in each draw.   Each tournament is a double elimination tournament, meaning you are not eliminated till you lose 2 matches, or if you lose in the finals.  This way each team is guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches.  If you lose your first match then you go to the loser’s bracket, but then can win all your matches and work your way back up to the finals. 

  1. Match Length

    All matches are to be played using regular tennis rules, except that instead of playing a best of 3 sets (to keep game times reasonable), games will be decided on a “FIRST to 8 games” basis, with deuces.If the score is 7-7, then play a regular style tie breaker to determine the winner (1-2-2-2, etc).  This will help us keep games under 1 hour or around 1 hour in length.
  2. Scoring
    Matches are up to 8 games. First team to win 8 games wins. Please email your scores to Michael at 

6 Other basic rules

  1. a)Coin toss or up or down on racquet or voluntary consensus to decide who serves first
  2. b)Change sides after every odd game in the match, and after every 6 points in the tiebreaker    
  3. c)If a match is not completed due to rain or darkness then the match should be completed at a later time or day.   However if both teams prior to stoppage agree to a shortened match(up to a certain amount of games or score official if darkness comes or rain comes) based on the lights going out or rain coming, then the shortened match will be considered official.  
  4. d)Al other standard tennis rules apply. 


  1. Team Changes:

There can be no changes to any of the players playing on each doubles teams roster.  Only the 2 players listed may play the match, there are no exceptions for vacation or injuries.   However, before a team plays their first match in the draw, they may contact the tournament coordinator to change a player in the doubles team.  But once any 2 members has started play in the particular doubles draw, no roster changes can be made   All players playing must be FHTC members. 

  1. Injuries: 

If one player gets injured during a match (e.g., tweaked ankle, knee pain), each team is allowed one medical time out per match which is no longer than ten minutes.  If after ten minutes the player can not continue to play, then his or her team will have to forfeit the match. 

All other rules or situations that will arise can be asked to Michael Kochan at  He will make the final decisions in case of any problem or discrepancy.