Court Monitor

Cecil Carr 2012

Cecil Carr is the court monitor at Forest Hill Tennis Club. You will see Cecil around the courts just about every weeknight and weekend.

Cecil ensures that our courts are operated efficiently and that you will not have to wait long on busy nights.

If you need playing partners speak to Cecil as he probably has a name for you.

You can call Cecil during club hours at 647-858-8706.


Name: Cecil Carr
Do you have a nickname? Car-man

How long have you worked at FHTC? 11 years

Favourite tennis player? Nadal

Racquet of choice? Wilson

One thing you can’t live without? Air

Favourite food? Fish, sushi
Junk food? French fries
Drink? Chocolate milk
Treat? Lemon meringue pie

Favourite sport to watch? NFL football
Favourite sport to play? Tennis

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Japan

Favourite colour? Black

Favorite Movie? Magnificent Seven
TV Show? SNL
Music? Show tunes